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Wisdom Tooth Surgery

Wisdom teeth are the last teeth to erupt in the adult dentition. This eruption commonly takes place between 17-25 years of age.

Often, they are impacted due to insufficient space in the jaw to accommodate them. This occurs more frequently in the lower jaw.

Impacted wisdom teeth can cause infection of the gums and bone, and this necessitates their removal surgically. The gums around the impacted tooth may swell up, and sometimes there may be pus. Often it is difficulty to bite down and chewing becomes very painful.

Wisdom tooth surgery can either be done under local anaesthesia or general anaesthesia. Surgical remove of an impacted wisdom tooth is usually done under local anaesthesia, while sedation or general anaesthesia is often indicated if multiple impacted wisdom teeth needs to be removed at the same time.

The ORAL Concept

Options and Optimization

For our patients, we discuss treatment options and the clinical approach to be taken for their treatment needs, before finalizing their treatment plan. We practice the philosophy of optimal dentistry, which we believe will benefit our patients for the long term.


We are committed to restoring periodontal health as well as restoring the form and function of teeth for our patients. Very often it will require a multi-pronged approach. These include the control of caries, periodontal disease and root canal infections, as well as the reinforcement and replacement of teeth.


Much consideration goes into the aesthetic outcome of the restorations. Often, it’s not only about the tooth and nothing but the tooth, you’ll be amazed how the appearance of the teeth can have a huge impact on facial aesthetics.


We strive to maintain your oral health and aim to save as many of your teeth and have your restorations serve you for a long time to come. The goal of professional dental care is so that you as a patient can derive overall holistic health for life as a result of good oral hygiene and healthy masticatory function. Oral health maintenance should be done via regular dental checks biannually and any disease patterns can be detected early.


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